A unique form of relaxation therapy. Tuning Fork Therapy (TFT) is beneficial for those suffering from Anxiety, Depression, PTSD even childhood trauma.

TFT addresses many areas of physical discomfort as well because it is non-invasive and involves very little to no physical contact with the body. The practitioner works mostly around the body in the aura. The tuning forks are repeatedly activated at specific frequencies, to encourage the body’s erratic energy to harmonize and relax.

Tuning Fork Therapy

Tuning forks are an amazing way to release traumas and patterns that affect your mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional energetic body.

We use tuning forks as a frequency harmonizing tool as we move around your body to feel for “empty” spaces or spaces with “trapped excess energy.”

As we come into an area that needs attention, the tuning forks will literally “tune up” your energy field so that you’ll feel lifted, balanced and alive.

We tailor sound healing sessions to fit your needs!

Tuning Fork Therapy is provided by John and Patty Block of Zen Body Waves!


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